Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Proof read before hitting the send button on your cell phone.

My cell phone has a mind of it's own.
I got a text from my brother this morning thanking me for the lottery tickets I gave him for his birthday, he won 47 bucks. So, I texted him back saying: "Yay!! That's awesome!"
Only the text didn't go to him.... for some reason that I can't figure out, I accidently sent the text to a friend of mine who had messaged me earlier saying that she was having blood work done due to the stomach pain she's been having. I'm sure that "Yay that's awesome" is not the response she was expecting.

I don't know how I went from reading my brothers message and texting him right back, to having it sent to a different person. I swear my phone hates me and I in return, hate my phones auto correct.
In a different incident a few weeks back, I was going to a party and picking up a few people on the way and texted a friend to let her know. With out proofreading it before I hit send, I realized the message said this: "I'm swinging by to BBQ up the people before I come over."
Why on earth did my phone decide I wanted to use the word 'BBQ'? Thankfully my friend knew what I meant. My cell also likes to shut off for no reason at all and sometimes when people call me, it goes straight to voice mail. Everything else seems to work on it so maybe it's just owners error, and maybe I should pay more attention when I send a text. =)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beagle Freedom Project

Everyone has a right to their opinion, it is a free country, or so I'm told. When it comes to political and Religious views I tend to keep my opinions to myself.
Except for this one, Animal Testing.
(Quick Note-This has nothing to do with PETA, also- I love a good cheeseburger)

The Beagle Freedom Project is an organization that rescues Beagles from Labs when they are no longer needed for testing.
Their Motto: "The Beagle Freedom Project is a mission to rescue beagles used in animal experimentation in research laboratories and give them a chance at life in a loving forever home."
 Many of these Beagles have never seen sunlight or been outside until they are rescued and given a second chance at life.
The Beagle Freedom Project has rescued Beagles through out the United States, including 40 Beagles from a Lab in Spain. They have video of these precious dogs coming out of their cages and walking on grass for the first time in their lives.
If you get a chance, go to http://www.beaglefreedomproject.org  and see for yourself the amazing accomplishments they have done for laboratory beagles and the other animals they have rescued.

As the owner of two playful, happy, loving and often rambunctious Beagles, this hits me hard.
I went to the state capitol a few weeks back and supported a rally on a Bill called AB 2431 (The Beagle Freedom Bill) for lab Beagles to be adopted out instead of being euthanized after testing.
The Bill passed 12-0 which is an important first step, but there are many more to take on this journey to free and find homes for all available laboratory animals.The Beagle Freedom Project was there with T-shirts and posters that read : 'Life After Labs'
I brought my two Beagles Buster & Mollie with me and we got to meet Abe, Davey, Franklin and Leonardo who are just four of the Beagles they have rescued and adopted to forever homes. It was an amazing experience.

  If I do anything positive in my life, I want to help make people aware of the cruelty of laboratory testing.
 Below is a poem I found on the 'Unite To Care' facebook page, written by June Burden and a photo of a lab Beagle. It is sad but true for so many beautiful innocent Beagles that just want to be loved.Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Beagle 469.
Cowering in the back of my cage
as small as I can be,
I hope and pray when the 'white coats' come
they do not pick me.
I hear the click of the cage door
it's another dog this time,
another of the many to feel the pain
waiting in a line.
They claim this is for science
they need to find a cure,
but they hurt us a 1000 times
and still come back for more.
I wish they would pet me and not hurt me
but the white coats don't have the time,
I wish they would name me and hug me
but I'm 'beagle 469'.
I've heard a white coat once say
that people rescue dogs like me,
they run on something called grass
cherished and loved and free.
When I close my eyes in the darkness
I pray to the Lord divine,
Please send someone to rescue
the beagle 469.
Copyright by June Burden 2014.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

San Francisco Icon The Bushman Gregory Jacobs passes away

Through out the last 30 years on San Franciscos Fishermans wharf and the piers, Gregory Jacobs, best known as the Bush man, made it his mission to make people laugh.
He hid behind bushy tree branches that he would cut and crouch down and hide behind. Waiting for tourists to walk by and then jump out and scare them.
Millions of tourist photos have been taken of him, and whenever my family and I went to San Francisco we always looked forward to seeing him. We would stand back in the distance and watched the unsuspecting people he would jump out at.

The other day I found out from a friend that he had been on the news she was watching. He had died of heart complications and I, like many others was very saddened.
I never knew his name until now but he is someone I will always remember. He scared me almost ten years ago by jumping out at me and I laughed, as did every one around me. From then on I always waited to see what the reaction would be from the next unsuspecting person walking by him.
These photos are from 2012, my son Tres putting money in his collection can and me with my arm around Gregory.

R.I.P Bush Man Gregory Jacobs, you will be missed.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


If you have scrolled through my past posts you will know that I'm a huge Dicaprio fan.
To see him win an Oscar is on my bucket list. {I know, kinda cheesy}
Going to the Amalfi coast and Tuscany are also on my busket list and I don't see that happening anytime soon either.
However, Leonardo walking away with the golden trophy for Best Actor just might happen this year.
His latest movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street' seems to have viewers either liking it or hating it. Here's the deal..... Mr. Scorsese wanted to bring across to the viewers the lifestyle of a certain individual who scammed people out of millions of dollars in the wall street days of the 1990's. The movie did not focus on the people who lost their money, it focused solely on the spending of it and the abuse. Which is what he wanted to portray. If you go into the theater to see it with this understanding I think you will appreciate it.
Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill did an excellent job portraying the characters. Especially the scene where they took the Lemon 714 quaaludes.

I've seen other men win an Oscar for best actor that leaves me shaking my head and wondering, what the hell?
 Leonardo has shown again and again what an excellent actor he really is, from What's eating Gilbert Grape to The Aviator, Deception and on up to The Wolf of Wall Street.
Here's hoping that he wins that Oscar, FINALLY! =D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last night it was pouring rain and around midnight, we heard a firetruck coming up the road so Randy scrambled to get out of bed to see what was going on and got tangled up in the blankets so bad I thought he was gonna fall onto the floor head first. He put on his shoes and went outside to see what was going on.
In the meantime, I'm running around in the dark trying to find my shoes and finally just grabbed my rain boots which are black with red kissy lips all over them. Tacky, but I like them.
I decided I didn't have time to get dressed because I might miss something tragic going on, so I ran outside in my flimsy wife beater shirt, no bra,  pajama shorts and my rain boots. Believe me when I say; I looked ridiculous.
Luckily the neighbors didn't get to see my attire because Randy was coming back up the driveway as I was running down it. He stopped when he saw me, shook his head and said I needed to go back inside before the police arrested me for indecent exposure. I asked him what had happened, apparently an elderly neighbor had fallen and couldn't get back up.
Once back in bed I couldn't sleep, so I decided to watch one of my favorite shows that I found about a week ago on Netflix called "Trailer Park Boys".
It has the distasteful humor I can relate to. It takes place in Nova Scotia and ran for 7 seasons. They have also done two movies and began shooting their third one this month....I can't wait!

It's about life in a raunchy trailer park and every character in it is funny. It's mainly about three grown friends,-Julian, Ricky and Bubbles and the blunders they get themselves into. Google the show if you need a good laugh.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Iron clad plants

This past Saturday we went on our annual Christmas tree cutting adventure.
Left the house at 7 am and headed for the mountains, which are only fifteen minutes away from my house.
There was no snow this year but at 7:30 it was FREEZING in the forest!
Forgot my gloves so my hand were frozen with in minutes, tried to climb up the side of a mountain and slipped on some ice and banged up my knee, total road rash. Hasn't looked like that since I fell off a skateboard when I was eleven.

We found the perfect trees within five minutes which never happens, usually we are booney rompin for half the day looking for the perfect tree. We cut them down, loaded them onto the truck and headed back home.
The nice thing about going early in the morning- no idiots in their city cars trying to drive up a mountain that is 4 wheel drive only.
One year we watched the Forestry Department help a city fellow down an iced over, snow packed mountain road in his BMW. He would have been better off going to a tree lot in town.
On the way home we passed at least 20 people in their trucks going up to cut their tree. We got to the first town and I made my brother David stop the truck so I could take a  picture of the Pot Plant growing in front of the Stirling City Hotel.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Time to buy a new car?

Just paid almost 600 bucks to get my car registered & another 3 hundred to the nice mechanic who had the car almost a year now because I'm a flake & didn't save up my money like I should have.
 Drove it home from the shop which is about 6 blocks away, pulled into the driveway & the right front tire area starts smoking like an old lady on oxygen playing the nickel slots in Reno.
 I stood there for about 20 minutes watching it & hoping it did not get worse, holding my cell phone just in case I needed to call the firemen. It finally stopped smoking & now I'm afraid to drive it anywhere.
I just want a new car that will take me places with no worries, I'm not sure mine will even make it to the grocery store now.
Perhaps its about time to look into buying a newer car. I just hate the thought of monthly payments plus full coverage insurance.  If I do that then I wont have any money left to go anywhere in it.
But at least it will run!